The future of powered roller conveyor systems.

Product Brochure & Technical Specs.

DynaRoller - Zone Powered Conveyors

Boxes, trays, totes, crates and cartons of all sizes and shapes can now be conveyed with the most contemporary, advanced and efficient zone powered roller conveyors of today.

DynaRoller Zone Powered Conveyors offer a patented system that is sustainable, safe and energy efficient.

  • The solution of choice for E-commerce fulfillment, warehousing, packaging and logistics applications
  • No contact, zero pressure accumulation
  • Excellent for high volume and / or precision sortation
  • Seamless integration capabilities with systems such as MRP / ERP, robotics, RFID, etc.

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PROVEN Concept

Conveyors follow with Dynamic Conveyor's modular philosophy with the ability to easily reconfigure and repurpose.

Pre-assembled curved and straight modules offer simple connectivity, through pure plug-n-play technology, for straightforward installation.

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energy efficient

The system is controlled and powered in single zones and uses minimal energy consumption by only activating rollers as needed.

Energy savings up to 84% can be achieved. 

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The streamlined design offers a clean and safe system. Motors, drives and other components are entirely captured within the conveyor frame.

The rollers, belts and motors are exceptionally quiet giving the system a decibal rating well below recommended levels.


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